Murphys Creek Escape History

The Creation of Murphys Creek Camping Park

Murphys Creek Escape, (originally known as Murphys Creek Camping Park), was carved from vagrant vegetation that existed on a 50 Acre block on the banks of Murphys Creek in the 1980's. Overhead view of Murphy's Creek Escape Murphys Creek Camping Park operated for some 15 years before being closed by it's original owners.

The Transformation to Murphys Creek Escape

Peter, Lisa and Holly SouterIn late September 2009, the park was sold to Peter and Lisa Souter, then residing in the Hinterland of the Gold Coast. They had been looking for this exact opportunity for some years.

One years tireless work resulted in the creation of a beautifuly grassed creek front camp ground and a growing clientel.

The floods of 2011

14 days after our first anniversary, a very large flood hit South East Queensland. It inundated Murphys Creek Escape, resulting in the creek line camp ground being washed away and the road and culvert leading to the property also disappeared.

We closed for three months only to eventually open the doors to the most amazing response from the public. Volunteers and helpers came from everywhere to lend a hand as we again carved out the Escape from a very rough canvas.

Today, we have a magnificent camp ground and some of the most amazing customers to have ever frequented a camp ground. The park is maturing every day with grass cover returning, new tress growing and the facilities expanding all of the time.

So, welcome to this unique location, please come and enjoy the many natural attributes of Murphys Creek Escape and forget about the hustle and bustle of the world. Our home is your oasis! ENJOY!