Meet the Owners - Peter and Lisa Souter


Peter and Lisa met in 2001 and very quickly realised their similar passion for a healthy lifestyle, adventure and the outdoors. They are both vibrant, easy going characters with many recent years as an Army Officer and a School teacher respectively.

Pete has enjoyed 15 years as an Officer in the Military, deployed on operational service 3 times and instructed the Nations next Army Leaders at the Royal Military College Duntroon. This experience on the back of numerous years as a social worker prior to enlisting in the army has resulted in a unique blend of practicality, adventure and a communication style that spans generations and demographics.

Lisa has had 14 years in the education system as both a teacher and mentor to students and colleagues in some of the most diverse schools in the country. She has combined her full time teaching responsibilities with international level Fitness Competition and Olympic Weightlifting. Lisa recently brought Zac into whorld to accompany Holly (6) in this adventure that is Murphys Creek Escape!

Together, Pete and Lisa have a great passion for the outdoors and are very excited to share Murphys Creek Escape with you...a place of such amazing natural beauty, so close to civilisation. We look forward to meeting you!