Laser Skirmish - near Toowoomba


Darling Downs Laser Skirmish has commenced operations at Murphy's Creek Escape with two large playing fields (5 acres and 20 acres) offering a mix of flat lightly vegetated terrain, suitable for children and the novice player, right through to thick, trail oriented terrain for the serious cluber or senario based training for emergency services and the like.

Set session times run Saturday and Sunday 10am and 2pm and by appointment throughout the week.

For bookings and enquiries - contact Darling Downs Laser Skirmish on 074 6965115 or click here to book via the net

Located some 800m from the main camping area, campers and the gamers cohabit without knowing the other exists - accept for the odd camouflage bunker visible on the way into the camping park. The tranquility of the camping area is absolutely unhindered by the Laser Skirmish activities.

Darling Downs Laser Skirmish