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Secondary Leadership Camps

In addition to our general camp format (outlined on previous page), MCE facilitates secondary leadership camps for students in grade 11 who are identified as the likely leaders for the school in grade 12.  The format of these camps can be worked out with individual schools however a popular format involves:

  • a 26 kilometre walk from Toowoomba to MCE (and return if required) through private and public lands;

  • students carry a fellow student on a stretcher the entire walk and must work out for themselves the best way to achieve this;

  • students required to carry a backpack with their rations and basic cooking equipment and cook their own meals;

  • students build their own shelters on the first night;

  • access to MCE adventure activities upon arrival.


Students are accompanied by a EQ staff member and facilitator/s from MCE.  A MCE vehicle supplies water and an emergency response if required.  Students are required to work cooperatively; problem solve and demonstrate considerable resilience to complete this camp. 


Students will be served wholesome, fresh meals throughout the camp. We will provide meals from morning tea on the first day through to lunch on the last day. Below is a sample menu to give an idea of what your menu might look like. We can also cater for lactose and gluten free dietary requirements. We pride ourselves on the service of lots of locally sourced fresh meats, salads and fruits throughout our camps!

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