Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you allow day vistitors to come and use the facilities?

A. No, due to council regulations we are not open to day vistiors. All of our activities and facilities are exclusive to those guests staying with us only.

Q. What time is Check in & Check out? Can we arrive early and depart late? 

A. Check in for the Campground is midday and check out is 11 am. If you would like a earlier arrival please book the night before to ensure that your site is available for your earlier arrival, likewise with a late checkout please book a extra night then you are free to leave later that day at a time that suits you. 

Check in for the Luxury tents is 2pm and check out is 10am.

Q. Can we set up  our camp anywhere ?

A. No, you are required to come to reception and check in before you occupy a site. We allocate a site. to you. Please let us know at time of reservation if you would like a particular site or area.

Q. Can we arrive late?

A. Yes, a late arrival can be arranged, please contact reception and notify them if you will be arriving after hours.  

Q. Can we check in our friends that haven't arrived yet?

A. No, we require all guests to register with reception on arrival. In the interest of privacy, safety and security it is mandatory for us to know who is on the property at all times. Any persons who has not registered or checked in with reception , may be considered to be trespassing and therefore may be asked to leave. Whether you are camping with a group or on your own, no other person can register for you.

Q. Can we request a specific site?

A. Yes, we can fix site requests, however we reserve the right to alter site numbers before or at time of arrival based on unforseen circumstances or conditions of maintenance. We will endevour to move you to the nearest equivalent site available. You may also be alloctaed a different site should your group numbers be less than when you booked.

Q. Can you tell us what site our friends are on or discuss their reservation?

A. No, due to privacy we will only discuss reservation enquiries and account information with those who's details we have on file.  

Q. Can we have multiple families on one site?

A. No, due to council regulations, our policy is one family per site. Group sites are available for mutliple family bookings.

Q. Can we add our friends at late notice to our site?  

A. No, our policy is one family per site. Your friends would be required to book their own site. We are bound by council restrictions  and regulation as to how many people we can have on site at any one time. If we are fully booked, unfortunatly we cannot add extras to sites, nor can we create a site for them.

Q. Can we bring our dog?

A. Yes, dogs are permitted, full responsibility taken by their owner. All dogs must be registered at reception. Fees apply. Dogs are to be kept on a lead at all times. Dogs are not permitted in the following areas, bbq area/camp kitchen, office, amenities &  luxury tent area. Dogs cannot be left on the property unattended, you go out your dog goes with you. Dogs are not permitted when hiring the army tents, luxury tents, camper trailers or tents from us. 

Q. Can we bring our other pets (cats/birds ect)?

A. No, dogs and horses are the only pets/animals that are permitted on the property.

Q. Do you have flushing toilets and hot showers?  

A. Yes, we have 2 amenities blocks, both with flushing toilets and hot showers. Showers are coin operated. One 20c piece will give you 2 minutes of water. You can swap cash for coins at reception. 

Q. Do you have a dump point?  

A. No, the closest dump point is in Gatton. We ask that you do  not empty you caravan canisters or portable toilets into our system.

Q. Do you have laundry facilities?  

A. Yes, we have laundry facilities in both the amenity blocks. Washing machines and dryers are coin operated. Clothes lines are also available at the back of each building.

Q. Do you have a camp kitchen?  

A. Yes, we have a camp kitchen located in the centre of the campground. This is equipped with an electric BBQ, kettle, microwave, fridge/freezer, stainless steel benches and sinks, picnic tables and communal fire pit.

Q. Can we use tarps on our site?

A. Yes, tarps are allowed above ground level for shelter on your camp site. We do not permit tarps to be placed on the grass, please only use  shadecloth or breathable mats only.

Q. Do you have a shop?

A. Yes, we have a very basic shop in reception. We sell ice, basic grocery items, cold drinks, icecreams and we can do gas refills if required.

Q. Can we have a fire?

A. Yes, however we do not permit ground fires. You are required to either bring your own brazier or you can hire a fire drum from us for a small additional fee.

Q. Do you sell firewood?

A. Yes, we have bags of split hard wood and kindiling available for purchase. Please ensure you arrange this during shop hours.  

Q. Do you have EFTPOS in the shop?

A. Yes, we have eftpos facilities, however there is a $10 minimum spend and we do not give cash out. There area ATM facilities in Murphys Creek and Withcott. 

Q. Can we bring a chainsaw?

A. No, chainsaws are not permitted to be used on the property.

Q. Can we bring a generator?

A. Yes, generators 2KVA or less can be used. This is only permitted during daylight hours.

Q. Do the activities cost extra and is there age restrictions?

A. All activities are at a extra cost. These can be booked prior to arriving or on check in. Archery, flying fox and the ropes course are available during structured sessions on saturdays, long weekends and school holidays. Our activities are only available to those guests staying with us. We have strict age restrictions inplace for safety of all our participants.

Q. Can we bring our own equipment and utilise the adventure facilities.

A. No, all of our equipment and facilities require a trained qualified instructor to be present.

Q. Do you have 4WD tracks.

A. No, we do not have 4wd tracks open to the general public.

Q. Is there bushwalking close by?  

A. Unfortunatly we dont have access into the Lockyer National park directly behind us anymore. However there are other bushwalks available close by (within driving distance). Please ask reception for more details.

Redwood Park

Jubilee Park

Table top

Crows Nest National Park

Ravensborne National Park

Q. Do you do refunds? What if we leave earlier than planned? What if its raining?

A. We do not refund, however we will transfer your reservation over to another suitable date within 6 months. If you decide to leave early under any circumstances you will not be entitled to a refund or credit.

All weather  conditions are not a circumstance for a refund, we will postpone your reservation for up to 6 months for you to re-book at another convenient time. This needs to be pre-arranged with reception on or before your arrival date. If you are a no show you will forfeit all monies paid.

Q. Do you have snakes or goanna there?

A. Yes, we are a natural bush setting, this is their home. We have several species of snakes, venomous and non venomous.

Goannas are often seen roaming the campground. Please do not approach or feed the goannas. We do ask that you use the bins provided and do not leave any rubbish or food scraps lying around your site. This does attract them.

All snakes and goannas should be left alone and not attemped to be caught or killed.

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